NORFOLK-- The men and women of Carrier Air Wing One will return to their home ports of Naval Air Station Oceana and Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field Saturday, Nov. 3 following an eight month deployment aboard USS Enterprise.

Strike Fighter Squadrons 11, 136, and 211, the 'Red Rippers', 'Knighthawks', and 'Checkmates' will arrive at NAS Oceana while the 'Screw Tops' of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 123 will return to Chambers Field.

The remaining CVW 1 squadrons departed Enterprise previously for their individual home bases.

CVW 1 began their final deployment aboard Enterprise March 11 and launched their first missions into Afghanistan on May 1.

Among their many accomplishments are the successful and safe completion of 9,875 sorties, of which 2,241 were combat sorties totaling more than 26,000 total flight hours.

The average flight time per combat sortie was almost six hours per flight. They also logged 8,755 arrested landings or 'traps'.

While supporting coalition forces in Operation Enduring Freedom, CVW 1 aircraft accurately delivered 56 bombs on target and conducted 27 strafing runs using more than 5,800 rounds of 20 millimeter ammunition.

This was CVW 1's last deployment on USS Enterprise. The ship will be inactivated on Dec. 1.

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