VIRGINIA BEACH-- Steve Latham has been creating ice cold works of art for thirty years now.

Latham says ice carving is about chain saws, burr bits and chisels.

Matt Newland has been Steve's sidekick for nine years. On this day he was working on an ice creation for Norfolk State University.

Newland says he loves the challenge of it. 'It's fun. I love art and I have always drawn and enjoyed that. It's just the fact that you get to create stuff every day.'

This whole process starts four or five days earlier when the blocks of ice are frozen and pulled from the giant ice trays. Then the ice is placed on frames, transferred to dollies and then rolled into the freezer.

Latham has crystallized his art form and is a real perfectionist.

'I self-taught myself over the years with a lot of books and videos. The Internet has helped out tremendously.' said Latham.

When Joe tried his first sculpture the top fell off but Latham showed him how they are able to fuse pieces back on by using hot aluminum plates to smooth out the surface.

Joe and the gang kept chiseling and sawing and burr bitting away until Joe unveiled his piece!

It was a shiny 13, ice cold and ready for 13News!

Go to to see more icy works of art.

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