VIRGINIA BEACH--In the battle for Virginia,, the Replubicans put it all on the table Thursday.

From Congressman Scott Rigell setting the beat at Farm Bureau Live to Senate candidate George Allen and Governor Bob Mcdonnell warming up the mic.

'Are you all ready for America's comeback', crowed Allen.
'That's why we need a turn around specialist like Mitt Romney as president ', said McDonnell.

Governor Mitt Romney making a final push to win over Virginia voters.

'This is no time for small measures,' he said, 'This is time for change and when I'm elected president, on day one we will bring real change to America.'

As Romney laid out his economic plan and worked in criticisms of President Obama,, a reminder from Oceana as jets flew over.

'I love the sound of those jets, ' he said.

Romney seized the moment to address sequestration.

'I will increase the number of ships we build per year. I'll increase our purchases of aircraft, we'll have more troops not less troops, I believe in a strong military.'

Romney found a crowd pleaser in saying the country doesn't need 4 more years of President Obama,, instead just 5 more days.

John Taylor of Virginia Beach liked what he heard, ' Just that from day one he is going to take action and I just appreciate him as a business man'

Debbie Fortuna of Suffolk said, 'I like how he crossed party lines in Massachusetts and dealt with Democrats and Republicans'

Allen, Rigell, Mcdonnell and, of course, Governor Romney all were on the same stage with 5 more days until the election, tomorrow makes 4. They know they have a lot of work ahead of them.

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