NORFOLK Stevie Wonder held a free concert Monday night, offering a final campaign push for President Obama.

Introduced by local Olympians Francena McCorory and Gabby Douglas, the legendary artist performed Scope.

'A lot of what the President has talked about and is talking about has always consistently been in the songs that I write. I'm for equality. I'm for every single person to have an opportunity,' Wonder told 13News before his performance. 'I have never seen neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but what I have seen is the spirit of their hearts, and, so I'm supporting the one whose spirit is about truly moving America forward.'

Wonder interjected some of those feelings in between songs.

The performance-based rally was one of many taking place in Virginia Monday, the day before the election.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a number of stops in Virginia, including one in Fairfax where he told a crowd, 'What's really inspiring about this gathering here today is that you came here because you care about America, and this is a campaign about America and the future you're going to leave to our children and their children...We thank you...and we ask you to stay with it all the way until we win...'

Vice President Joe Biden made pushes for the Democratic ticket in parts of Virginia.

'Folks, I got news for Romney and Ryan. Gentlemen, it's never, ever, ever, ever gonna be a good bet to bet against the American people. Never,' Biden said in Sterling. 'Folks, we need you Virginia. With your help, we will win Virginia. We win Virginia, we win this election.'

While Wonder, clearly, supports the President and Vice President's re-elections, he pointed out the importance for people to exercise their right to vote, regardless of whom they back.

'So many people don't have the right to do this. There have been people who've died for people to have the right to do this, and, so, wherever you are, take this opportunity and this given right very seriously. Go out, and vote, and vote not just for what you feel for yourself, but for every single American.'

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