What is it? a refillable, double-sided adhesive that rolls out in a pen

What does it claim? to provide a new way of wrapping. The makers say it's easy to hold and use and is convenient to carry around.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and busy mom Pooja Iyer

What Are The Instructions? Unscrew the cap and attach it to the other end of the Glue Tape. Next, press the tip down firmly on the surface you wish to apply glue and pull along slowly. When you reach the end, stop pulling and lift the Glue Tape straight up.

Did it work? Iyer was surprised at how well the Glue Tape worked. She says she usually struggles with trying to wrap a gift and eventually resorts to a gift bag. With the Glue Tape, she felt like she had more control and her wrapped packages turned out better because she didn't struggle trying to rip the tape off while holding the gift wrap in place. Iyer also liked that while the Glue Tape holds paper in place, you can reposition it and it will still stick in place. She also liked how well it worked securing pictures in her scrapbook. She says from now on her tape will be Glue Tape.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Glue Tape at Bed Bath & Beyond for $3.99.

Additional Comments:
Glue Tape can also be used for scrapbooking and photo albums. It does not adhere to greasy surfaces like color-copied paper and should be kept of reach of small children.

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