NORFOLK - With all the apps to make getting information faster and easier, there could be one some day for Type 1 diabetics.

Tom Brobson is part of a clinical trial for an artificial pancreasto automatically regulate sugar and insulin in his body.

'When you can stop thinking about your diabetes, you can it feels like a cure. It's not a cure, but when you can walk away from thinking about it all the time, it's a huge relief,' he says.

Sensors attached to his body read his insulin and glucose levels. An insulin pump is on his arm and they're all connected to a phone.

He says it's lets him have a better quality of life and a lot more freedom.

The University of Virginia is now monitoring Brobson on the app to manage diabetes. With it, he doesn't have to prick his fingers to test his blood, there are no more midnight blood sugar checks and counting carbs.

If the trials go as expected, the app would then go on the market.

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