NORFOLK- Wounded warriors at military hospitals will get quite a gift from some kind-hearted kids in Norfolk.

Rachel's Challenge students at Little Creek Elementary School are opening up their magic markers and their hearts to help our soldiers heal. They're making Christmas cards to send to the brave men and women wounded while fighting for our country.

'They might not have any family near them or to come visit them, so they'll have something to cheer them up,' said Aryanna Carroll, a Little Creek ES student.

'We want to make them feel better,' added Erin Gray. 'They're very important because they help us with our freedom.'

Their cards will go to a program run by the American Red Cross called 'Holiday Mail for Heroes.' They hope to deliver one million Christmas cards to injured American troops, veterans, and their families.

The kids know it'll take a great deal of strength for our warriors to rehab and recover. The doctors will help their physical wounds heal.

The kids hope the cards let them know they're being thought of and that the youngsters are rooting for them.

'They probably feel like nobody loves them,' said student Dennis Bly, 'but we're here to love them.'

One card has a message that's short and certainly sweet: 'Get well soon. Thank you.'

If you'd like to make or send a card to a wounded warrior, all cards must be postmarked by Friday, December 7th.
'Holiday Mail For Heroes'
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

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