VIRGINIA BEACH-- When the Virginia Aquarium developed a composting program for restaurants nobody was happier than the owners of places like Croc's and Captain George's.

'It's in all of our service areas, so that they are able to compost all of the tea, the coffee, shells, crab leg shells that might be coming back,' said Kristina Pitsilades Chastain.

Today at the Virginia Aquarium, participants of a year-long pilot program in composting took a bow from the EPA who funded it.

The businesses set aside food and scraps that were sent to Waverly and composted and some used that compost to fertilize restaurant gardens.

It's estimated that over 30 million tons of food gets wasted each year.

'We generate a lot of food here at the Aquarium. But in addition to that, we have thousands of animals that we are feeding so there's also food waste with that as well. So we feel like we're in a really good position to take advantage of this,' said Mark Swingle of the Virginia Aquarium.

The restaurants that established these new composting procedures feel good about it and want to continue on their own.

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