VIRGINIA BEACH-- Just days after Christmas, Mat Talley woke up to a shock: somebody had stolen his back tires and axle from his truck.

The theft apparently happened just off Strawbridge Road on Dec. 29, in the Hunt Club area of Virginia Beach.

Talley reported the crime to police, but he also posted the picture of his torn-apart truck on our Facebook page, hoping to get some help.

'Merry Christmas to me! Somebody stole my back tires and axle last night, if you know anything about it let me know,' he wrote. Talley says he doesn't think someone he knows targeted him.

The story is drawing dozens of comments online. 'Sounds like this had either been planned for a while or someone knows they can get a quick buck for it. Has to be someone with experience as a mechanic, unless the rear is the easiest to take out.' Mark Gero posted.

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