WINDSOR---The community has come together to help save the life of a therapy horse.

13News first told you about Trooper in December. He suffered from a life-threatening tumor in his nostril and owner Kay Burnett could not afford to get it removed.

After the story aired, more than $3,000 in contributions came in to pay for the horse's surgery.

'If it hadn't been for you guys he would be dead today,' said Burnett. 'I want to thank you so much. It's a wonderful new year.'

The surgery was a success despite the veterinarian saying the tumor was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Trooper is now back to hanging out at the hay bin, everyday one step closer to resuming his duties as a devoted therapy horse to people with mental health issues.

'He's perked up, his ears are up, his eyes are bright,' said Burnett.
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