VIRGINIA BEACH - Jeremy Edge and his fiancee wakened early Monday by someone pounding on the door of their new home.

'Police were banging on our door around 3:00 a.m. and told us that a neighbor reported his gun went off while during cleaning,' he said.

They looked around their townhouse on and saw a hole near the roof line of the living room. The bullet knocked about a 2'x2' hole in the plaster.

'I'm kinda shocked,' he admitted. 'It's alarming since we've only been here about a week.'

Edge says police confirmed the neighbor had a concealed weapon permit and that he could have the gun confiscated, but they haven't decided whether to ask for that.

As to whether he's concerned that a neighbor has a gun, he replied 'I'm not sure.'

He's just glad no one was hurt.

'If we'd been sitting in the living room at the time, it could have been a close call. Fortunately, we were asleep.'

He says police told him the gun owner said he'd pay for the damage.

As for not having met his neighbor, when asked if he could think of a better way to meet his neighor, he joked, 'I'd rather have fruitcake.'

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