HAMPTON-- Preparations are underway for the Southeastern Guns and Knives Show this weekend at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton this weekend.

The show is expected to draw thousands of customers and will feature more than 800 tables of products.

'This is going to be a big crowd, the shows are all big crowds,' says Nick Zimmerman, a vendor from Boykins, Virginia.

Event organizers will not permit media inside the gun show, but 13News spoke to several vendors who said ammunition will likely be the hottest commodity, as gun stores struggle to keep up with rising demand.

'Everyone wants to get the guns and ammo while they can,' says Zimmerman referring to the recent debate surrounding gun control laws.

Vendors say that customers should have reasonable expectations about prices, noting that increased demand has pushed prices up.

Earlier in the day on Friday, a Virginia Senate committee that advanced legislation closing the so-called 'gun show loophole' changed course about an hour later.

The legislation is designed to ensure that all buyers at gun shows are subjected to criminal background checks.

The Courts of Justice Committee voted 8-6 Friday to endorse a new version of the perennially unsuccessful measure. The panel later reconvened on the Senate floor, reconsidered and put off action until Monday.

Republican Sen. Bill Stanley of Pittsylvania County asked for reconsideration. He voted for the bill after it was amended in committee but said he became concerned about vagueness after seeing the final product.

As amended, the bill would allow only federally licensed dealers to sell at gun shows. Licensed dealers are required to run criminal background checks on buyers, while individual sellers are not. The bill would allow individuals to put guns on consignment with licensed dealers.

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