VIRGINIA BEACH-- The bed bugs better watch out for man's best friend.

Dan Stallings has trained his weimaraner to find bed bugs. 'If you look at her tail, she is excited to work. This is not a chore to work. This is fun.'

Stallings partnered with weimaraner owner Kevin Campbell, who runs an exterminating company. Their business is the first bed bug detection facility in the mid Atlantic. They built rooms to resemble homes and hotels, where they train dogs to search for the pests.

The team has already gotten some business in Hampton. While they've earned their first $1,500 paycheck, Stalling says that's not the best part. He's most proud that he rescued his weimaraner from a Craig's list ad.

'These dogs are paying it forward. They are supporting the very rescue where they came from. We basically saved these dogs' lives so that's the best part of the story.'

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