NORFOLK-- Parents across the state are heading to Richmond Monday to fight for local schools funding.

'It's very upsetting to me that they have cut $60 million in the last couple years from public education. It is time that we repair the damage,' said Peggy Scott.

Scott, who has grandchildren in Norfolk Public Schools, will be one of many concerned citizens who'll be taking part in PTA Day. During the effort, parents and teachers from across Virginia will ask legislators to restore cuts to public education.

'When we support something, we put money into it. We invest into it. We want our legislators to know that we are asking them to do the same for our children in schools,' parent Vicky Greco said.

Amy Woods will be there, too. She's concerned that her kids' teachers haven't had a pay raise in the past few years.

'We need to make sure students have enough resources in the classroom. Teachers are spending their own money out of their own pockets to buy supplies,' she stated.

Scott, Greco and Woods are part of the group Norfolk Gains, which rallies support for Norfolk Public Schools. They hope Governor Bob McDonnell will hear them

'He wants to be known as the educational governor. I'm asking him to step up to make that happen,' Scott remarked.

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