HAMPTON--Talk about a rude awakening- residents living at a Hampton apartment found raw sewage outside their front door Sunday.

Navara Henderson and Arwilda Barrontell 13News the sewage outside their two-unit townhouse at Heather Lake Apartment has been a problem since November.

'Sometimes it explodes completely and sometimes it's just a continuous leak of sewage, feces, tissue. Whatever you flush down your toilet is literally outside our front door,' said Henderson.

Despite dozens of phone calls to management, sewage continues to flow.

'They don't consider it an emergency because it is not in my unit, but to me it is an emergency because I can't get out of my unit.'

Neighbors tell us when the sewage backs up, apartment maintenance workers pressure wash the sewage away.

But they say the washing leads to garbage pooling under their cars in the parking lot.

'I want them to fix the problem, not cover it up, not wash it away, not come snake it, fix it,' said Henderson.

After nearly a week's worth of calls from 13News, Heather Lake Management agreed there's a problem, but they blame the tenants for dumping grease down their drains causing a blockage.

Hampton Public Works says the lines are the apartments' responsibility, not the city's.

Apartment managers say they'll send a plumbing crew to fix the problem by the end of the week.

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