NEWPORT NEWS-- Some World War II heroes were the guests of honor at the Virginia War Museum Saturday.

'It's a great occasion, and we're glad to be here to share our experiences.' Harry Quinton wasn't a pilot, but still played a role among the original Tuskegee Airmen. He was a support person with the 477th Bombardment Group.

During World War II, these men overcame racial discrimination and flew with distinction. 'If they wanted the Tuskegee airmen to fail, they picked the wrong guys. These guys are sharp,' Harold Wiley remarked.

The Tidewater Tuskegee Airmen Chapter works to teach kids they can rise above too. The sky is the limit. 'This is a part of history that is not usually talked about in our history books,' Ronald Frink said.

Five of the original airmen live in Hampton Roads. During February, they make an effort to attend several events in honor of Black history month. 'We are a living part of history,' Quinton said.

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