VIRGINIA BEACH- Besides the game, commercials get a lot of attention on Super Bowl Sunday.

Last year, you might remember the dog that bribed his owner with a bag of Doritos. The ad won top dog in the 'Doritos Super Bowl homemade commercial competition.'

The Friedman brothers of Virginia Beach earned $1 million dollars for winning, and tickets for the big game in the VIP box. 'I tend not to believe in myself too much, that way I get surprised when good things happen,' Matthew Friedman laughed.

All the Super Bowl attention gave the Great Dane named 'Huff' chances to make personal appearances and help with fundraisers. 'It was really a lot of fun to give back. Especially, after the community had been so gracious in voting for him,' Betsy Dejulio remarked.

USA Today ranked the top Super Bowl commercials from the last 24 years, and Huff's came in number 15 on the list.

For the Friedman brothers, Super Bowl 2012 was a game they'll never forget. 'It was the little commercial that could, and it did!'

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