PORTSMOUTH -- Police have brought additional charges against a sailor accused of assaulting his infant child and also have brought charges against his wife.

Twenty one year-old, Matthew Wayne Strawn, has been charged with assaulting his infant child for a second time. Both Strawn and his wife, 20 year-old, Allie Samantha Strawn, have been charged with felony child abuse and are in police custody.

The infant, just born in January, is in the custody of Child Protective Services and being treated at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.

Police say that early Tuesday morning, the mother went to the Naval Medical Center after the child began to vomit. During the examination, the medical staff discovered the child had a broken rib.

After an investigation, police discovered the mother routinely visited with the father at the medical center barracks, where he was staying since the first incident of alleged abuse in February.

The mother and child were staying in housing away from the father, pending the outcome of his initial criminal case. According to police, during one of the visits, the alleged abuse took place causing the injury.

In February, Matthew Strawn was accused of assaulting his son in the hospital.

The baby was in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at the Naval Medical Center on February 1st, when hospital staff staff spotted bruises on the 11-day-old's back and face and called police. They said they found the marks while Strawn visited with his son in a room that adjoins the NICU.

Following an investigation, officers charged Strawn with Felony Child Abuse and Felonious Assault.

Rebecca Perron, a spokeswoman for the medical center, told 13News Strawn had an administrative role at the health clinic at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. NMCP operates the clinic, which is located just inside Gate 10 at the the shipyard located along Portsmouth Boulevard.

The incident was investigated by Portsmouth Police, Special Victims Detectives, and Child Protective Services, along with Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

Strawn was released from jail but he was not allowed within 500 feet of his wife or son.

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