NORFOLK -- 'A murderer is still out there,' said Mishelle McIntosh-Cooperwood. 'They guy that killed Dad is still out there.'

Surrounded by her sisters, McIntosh-Cooperwood told 13News this week, Norfolk Police Department told them the person charged with their father's killing was no longer a suspect in the murder.

In April, 2010, someone shot Henry McIntosh, Sr. at his Square Deal Barbershop on Church Street during a robbery.

In July 2012, police charged Dahson Iraldo with the murder. Officers picked him up on an unrelated warrant. After finding a gun and interviewing Iraldo, they thought they'd found McIntosh's killer.

'We all try to keep each other positive, but when you get a blow in the face like, 'This is not the person that did it. This is not the gun that killed your father,' I don't know what to think anymore,' McIntosh-Cooperwood said. 'My family's devastated.'

In October, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said it didn't have sufficient evidence to support the charges related to the robbery and murder and withdrew them. Police continued to investigate.

'I was always told that 'I think this is the guy' or 'We think this is the guy, and we're just doing everything we can to see if we can come up with more evidence to make sure that this is the person,'' said McIntosh's daughter Pennie. 'You get to this point now where you recognize it's not him, and you want to be sad, and the sadness is there, but you also know that you still got to keep going on, and you still got to believe that that person's gonna be found.'

'We hope and we pray that in our lifetime that there will be a conviction for the murder of our father,' Pam Livingston said. 'There is a lesson in patience, so you have to be patient. My father was a law-abiding citizen, and he would tell us to just let the law do their job.'

The McIntosh Family told 13News detectives indicated they have some substantial information or evidence upon which they are trying to build.

Iraldo, who was found guilty February 11 of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and remains in jail, is supposed to be sentenced on the gun conviction April 18. He declined 13News' request for an interview.

'Now that we know that this guy is not the person that done it, we now need to focus on someone else being out there,' said McIntosh-Cooperwood. 'I'm asking that Norfolk police get on their giddy-up.'

'I would say, 'Please, continue looking. Please, whatever you have, get more of a package together before you even come to us now,'' Virgil McIntosh Deloatch said. 'I can't speak for my siblings, but my heart can't take too much more.'

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