VIRGINIA BEACH - A couple accused of killing two brothers at a Va. Beach Rally's last month planned the robbery and expected someone would die, a detective handling the case testified Friday.

At the preliminary hearing for 22-year-old De'Andre Dunnaway and 19-year-old Cheari Edwards, Det. Sean Coerse said investigators found more than $1,000 in their apartment.

Dunnaway and Edwards were employees of the Rally's near Lynnhaven Mall.

They're charged with killing 27-year-old Alphonso White, a shift manager at the restaurant, and his 19-year-old brother Michael Johnson on January 8. Their bodies were found by a driver who was making a delivery in the early morning hours. White was shot in the head in the office, the detective said.

The detective also testified that Dunnaway confessed to taking a gun to work with him that day.

The first officer to the scene, R. J. Ruszas, and Rally's General Manager Kevin Dooley also testified. Ruszas described checking through the Rally's to ensure no one other than the victims were inside the business, Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Macie Pridgen told She also said Dooley discussed who was at work that night, how money is collected and counted at the end of a shift and other business matters.

The judge decided there was enough evidence to send the case to the Grand Jury, which will meet on March 4.

The two are charged with two counts of Murder, armed robbery, three counts of use of a firearm and conspiracy.

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