NORFOLK-- After an officer-involved shooting and a rash of burglaries, people in the Glenwood Park neighborhood in Norfolk are creating a watch group.

Last month, an officer in an unmarked car tried to pull over a suspicious car with three people inside, but one of the men ran off. A suspect was then shot after he tried to drive away in the police car, dragging the officer.

The shooting happened at Hampton Boulevard and Beechwood Avenue near Naval Station Norfolk.

Helen Runyan said her daughter was near the intersection when the shooting happened.

'Oh my goodness, my daughter was only a God's moment away from being there,' said Runyan.

Runyan is the Civic League President and said since the shooting there's been an increase in crime in the area, including an attempted break-in at her own home.

'Thankfully a neighbor who had just gotten burglarized had his eyes out and saw them and chased them away,' said Runyan.

Runyan's husband John is heading up the efforts to start the neighborhood watch.

Long-time resident Ron York said he hopes the efforts deter criminals. 'That's the main thing is to get to know your neighbors and other people on other blocks. It's always good to know the people who live close by you,' said York.

Anyone interested in joining the Glenwood Park Neighborhood Watch can contact John Runyan at johnrrunyan@aol. com.

Civic league meetings are the last Tuesday of each month at 232 Woodview Ave.

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