NORFOLK--Hundreds of military families felt the rug being pulled out from under them after the Navy's sudden decision to cancel deployment of the USS Truman.

Many families plan ahead of a deployment, selling or storing furniture and breaking leases.

'I can't imagine the stress of a deployment and then having the stress of a deployment canceled,' said Traci Neerhof, a manager at Lincoln Military Housing.

After the halted deployment, Lincoln Military Housing was ready to step in.

'The one thing Lincoln Military wanted to do was take that burden off of the family member,' said Neerhof.

Beryl Bamgbala never expected to see her husband's planned departure thrown out the window. After giving her notice to Lincoln, she had planned to move back home with her son.

'It's just me and my son and my husband here, so we were planning that I would just go back to Texas, and when he comes back I will just move back to Virginia,' said Bamgbala.

Lincoln management says they're just doing the right thing, offering 128 Truman families a place to live in Hampton Roads, adding that many of their employees are ex-military and military spouses.

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