NORFOLK -- In the wake of February's pothole fiasco on I-64 and I-264, the Va. Dept. of Transportation will take over day-to-day management of work done by contractors on those Southside roadways.

That will begin in May, after the current contract with embattled TME Enterprises runs out in May.

During Wednesday's Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting, VDOT commissioner Greg Whirley said the move is being made to keep the road safe.

'While immediate pavement repairs continue, work is also under way to permanently restore deteriorating sections of roadway. That pavement rehabilitation will go a long way in preventing potholes over the long term and provide a better riding surface.'

About a dozen cars had to pull onto the shoulder along I-264 in Norfolk after hitting potholes and getting flat tires. Rain the day before had washed away the temporary repairs that had been made, VDOT explained.

At the meeting, Board member Aubrey Layne said more people needed to be held accountable for the situation and hopes 'there will be consequences.'

In response to Layne's concerns, Whirley tells 13News 'everyone's expectations need to meet my expectations moving forward.'

Whirley wouldn't say specifically if any VDOT staff members would be let go, but he does plan to start intensive training sessions within the organization.

Whirley also said he wanted clearer language in the next pothole maintenance contract. That contract won't be going to TME Enterprises. It withdrew its bid for work along that busy stretch of highway between Va. Beach and Norfolk. The company has been under fire since a VDOT report blamed most of the problem on the company, saying TME could have done a better job.

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