What is it? a motorized file to get rid of calluses on your feet and leave them soft and ready for showing off

What does it claim? to give you salon beautiful feet in just minutes

Who tested it? Chesapeake mother of three Ashley Turley

What Are The Instructions? To get started, you first need to install 4 AA batteries. PediSpin has a Filing and Finishing plate. The Filing Plate is used for thicker, tougher callused skin and should not be used on normal skin. The Finishing Plate is used to smooth and buff rough edges left by the Filing Plate and to maintain soft, smooth skin in between Filing Plate use.

Attach the desired plate onto the PediSpin. Turn on the PediSpin. The motor speed can be adjusted from low to high. You should turn PediSpin on to the lowest setting, then gently place PediSpin on the desired area and move it in a circular motion until calluses / dry skin is removed. For thicker calluses you might want to choose the High setting for best results.

It's important to note that if you experience any pain or irritation, you should discontinue using the PediSpin.

If the Finishing Pad on your PediSpin needs to be replaced, just peel off the existing pad from the plate. Remove any residue left from the previous pad. Peel the paper on the new pad to expose the adhesive backing then center the new pad onto the plate.

PediSpin has a chamber in each Filing Plate to trap debris. To clean, separate the Filing Plate from the head to expose the chamber then tap debris in the garbage.

A cleaning brush comes with PediSpin. You can use it to remove debris from the plate and head. To reassemble, align the marking on the head with the marking on the Filing Plate and then press together.

You should store your PediSpin in a dry area with a cap on. If you're not going to use it for a long period of time you should remove the batteries.

Did it work? Turley was very impressed. She fully admits to being skeptical to most 'As seen on TV' products, but this one she says works! She rarely has time to pamper herself, so she liked how quickly and easily PediSpin allowed her to get her feet 'salon beautiful.'

Cost/Availability? You can purchase PediSpin at Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99.

Additional Comments: A couple of things you need to know before using PediSpin. PediSpin is not recommended for diabetics. You need to move PediSpin continuously during use to avoid abrasion.
PediSpin is not a toy. You need to keep it away from children and away from your face while in use. Never clean PediSpin with water or liquid cleaners and never immerse it in water.

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