NORFOLK--The Navy reported Friday that most families have been notified of the presence of elevated levels of lead in drinking water at local naval bases.

The lead was discovered during a recent screening at several child care centers at Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story and Naval Station Norfolk.

Tests showed that of 300 water outlets tested, children had access to two water fountains with higher than the EPA-recommended levels. Those drinking fountains, located at the NSN CDC on Hampton Boulevard, have been removed from the facility. The other outlets were used for hand washing and cleaning.

'We will continue notifications until every family and employee has been personally contacted and have had their individual concerns addressed,' said Rear Adm. Tim Alexander, commander of the Navy's Mid-Atlantic Region, who is responsible for the child care centers.

The Navy said installation commanding officers, day care center management, environmental and health specialists were available to meet individually with parents and employees to provide results of the tests and have their questions and concerns addressed.

'We want to ensure everyone understands the results, knows about the corrective actions we have taken and the resources we have to assist them,' Alexander said.

Navy officials say as of Friday afternoon, of the 73 families with children in the JEB CDC, 66 had been personally contacted.

At the NSN CDC 134 families had been told that traces of lead above the EPA-recommended levels were detected in the water, with 38 more remaining to be notified.

Families with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the Navy's Lead Information Line at 757-953-1598.

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