VIRGINIA BEACH--Chef Erica Waksmunski first started attracting attention in San Francisco ago, where local food editors began to notice her pastry skills.

Last January, the Kellam High School and Johnson and Wales graduate moved to Austin, Texas and started working in a restaurant called Congress.

'Oh, her truffles are magnificent and her crepes,'said her mother, Sue Waksmunski.

Where she grew up in Virginia Beach, her mother showed us that Erica was nominated for top pastry chef by Food and Wine magazine.

Via Skype, Erica told 13News how honored she was to be nominated. 'It's a really big deal for me, like I am really, really honored. Especially the people that I am running against are like some of my heroes and I can't believe that I am in the same race as them,' Erica said.

Poring over photos, her mother knows exactly where Erica's love of baking came from.

'We would bake for 12 to 15 hours, two to three days consecutively. Cheesecakes, cookies, banana nut bread, raisin nut bread,' Sue remembered.

Food and Wine magazine is asking for the public to decide round one by voting on their website.

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