PORTSMOUTH-Some Portsmouth residents say their neighbors are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to a planned dog park in Olde Towne.

'A dog park is an amenity for the community, showing we are dog friendly,' said civic league president Jack Erickson.

The group has raised $25,00 to turn a piece of the park at Dinwiddie Street and Waverly Boulevard into a dog haven. However, some neighbors are concerned about animals making too much noise and pet owners not watching them or cleaning up poop.

'Who would want to come back to a place that's a mess? We will have a group patrol, checking the park, Erickson promised.

'We want to put in a dog park. That's the only area in Olde Towne where we can put a dog park,' Erickson stated.

Erin Shannon lives in Olde Towne and would love to have one close to home. Now, she usually takes her dogs to Norfolk and Chesapeake parks.

'It would be great to have an area for the dogs to run around. Many of us in Olde Towne don't have backyards,' she said.

About 80 residents attended a recent public meeting on the dog park idea. Deputy City Manager J. Brannon Godfrey explained the city owns the lot and will likely make a decision about the proposed park within 60 days

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