SUFFOLK- Without more money, jobs will be lost, a school will close and middle school athletics will be benched, the Suffolk School Board warns.

In its budget for next year, the board asked City Council for $9 million but got $3 million. Now, the board is figuring out how to cut the budget. Thetwo-percent raise for employees, 48 positions to include 20 teachers, Florence Bowser Elementary and middle school sports programs are on the chopping block.

Councilwoman Phyllis Byrum said the cuts are starting to affect the classroom.

'I'd say we're getting to the point where we can't close too many schools because we won't have enough spaces to educate our children,' she said.

'Middle school athletics is a program that is much needed in our city. It promotes teamwork and gets kids involved in an early stage. It helps them stay in school because they are interested in sports,' she added.

You can have a say in who those school dollars are spent by speaking out during Wednesday night's public hearing at City Council. It begins at 7:00 p.m.

City Council must approve the budget by May 1.

Click here for the City Council agenda.

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