NEWPORT NEWS-- Christal Jackson installed a security system in her Newport News apartment but now management says she has three days to get rid of it or give them the code so they can access her unit at any time.

Jackson, who lives at Pinecroft in Newport News, says she had the system installed because she wanted to feel more secure. She says she's noticed things missing from her apartment in the past.

'They kept asking for my main control code on the system, but I can't give that away. That's like giving away my pin number to my bank account,' said Jackson.

Property Manager Romona Alston sent a letter to Jackson on April 16. It says the lease will be terminated effective April 19, 2013.

Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority Executive Director Karen Wilds says that according to state code, management has to be able to access Jackson's apartment in case of an emergency. She says the 72-hour notice period is to give Jackson time to come up with a solution. The next step could be taking her to court before pursing an eviction.

Jackson called the 13News Troubleshooters after she offered up an emergency temporary code to management but didn't hear back. Once that code is used, it deletes and another takes its place.

Wilds told 13News, the emergency code should work and indicated that might resolve the issue.

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