NORFOLK -- You may not know it, but an app can turn your cell phone into a police radio scanner right now for free.

We most recently saw these easy-to-use applications in action during the Boston bombings. Everyday people took to social media after following police right from their phones.

Whatever your phone platform, there are a number of free police scanner apps on the market today.

After a quick download, users can access just about any jurisdiction across the country within seconds.

Thanks to these apps, it's becoming increasingly easier for the wrong people to track law enforcement.

'It could potentially be troublesome,' said Chris Amos with the Norfolk Police Department.

The apps are illegal in states like Indiana, Kentucky and New York, but in Virginia they are legal if you aren't using them to commit a crime.

'All this technology out there could be used for the wrong by persons intent to do wrong,' said Amos. 'Or it can be used for the good.'
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