What is it ?
A temporary and colorful hair chalk.

What does it claim?
To be eye-popping color that glides on for instant glamorous fun. Just press, slide and color!

Who tested it ?
Ten-year-old Chesapeake resident, Paige Dollar.

What are the Instructions?
It's important to note that there are small parts involved with this product, so it's not for children under 3 years of age. To get started, you select a small strand of hair. Smaller sections of hair allow the color to transfer easily. Next, spray a light mist of primer (leave-in conditioner spray) to smooth the section of hair and prep for color. Choose the Hot Huez color you want and position the applicator with the sponge side up and chalk side down, so the color is transferred to the top of the strand. Press the hair between the applicator's sponge and chalk. Then, slide the chalk compact along the section of hair in a downward direction until it is evenly covered. Depending on the desired color vibrancy, you might decide a second press is necessary. Once you're done, just select your next section of hair and repeat the process. Once you have your hair looking the way you want, be sure to spray it with hairspray to seal the color and to avoid having it transfer to your clothing.

Hot Huez works on all types of hair. For best results, it's recommended that the hair be free of products, oils and treatments, with the exception of your primer, prior to application.

To remove the color, just shampoo and rinse. For chemically-processed or light colored hair, removal may require 2-3 shampoos to remove all color. The use of a primer (leave-in conditioner spray) reduces the chance of color staining. However, be aware there is still a risk of color-staining. If color-staining occurs, shampoo again. Color will fade in time, after several shampoos.

Did it work?
Our tester loved it! She had seen Hot Huez on television and it looked so easy she wanted to try it. She was happy to find out it was just as easy to use in person as it looked on television. Plus, she and her mother liked the fact that it washed out of her hair and off her hands so quickly and easily.

You can purchase Hot Huez at Walmart for $9.88.

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