HAMPTON - Mosquitoes in Hampton might be biting more than usual this summer.

The City says there won't be any aerial spraying because of the sequester. Federal spending cuts have grounded the flights out of Langley Air Force Base for now and they likely won't take off this year.

City officials are working on alternative methods to control the mosquito population.

The city is fogging in neighborhoods to battle some species of mosquitoes, but officials don't think it will be much help killing off the Asian tiger mosquito. It feeds during the day and rests at night, so it's less susceptible to those daytime efforts, said Chris DeHart, entomology team leader for the city.

He says residents can do their part to keep the mosquito population down by applying larvicides to areas with standing water such as roadside ditches, woodland pools, and curb drop inlets. He also said it's important to get rid of standing water around your yard that would be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Residents are urged to Customer Call Center at 3-1-1 or 757-727-8311 if they need more information or help. The city's Environmental Services team monitors the mosquito population and can check areas of specific complaints.

&The city doesn't have a regular schedule or route for fogging. We determine where to go based on information gleaned from regular surveillance (trapping and identifying mosquitoes) and calls from citizens to the 3-1-1 Customer Call Center, said City spokesman Fred Gaskins.

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