VIRGINIA BEACH--Ann Nichols' son came home with a bad rash last Thursday after crabbing in the Lynnhaven River.

'It looked like a terrible case of chicken pox, fluid-filled blisters,' said Nichols.

From his feet to his shins, he said the bumps were unbearable.

'It was real scary. He was itching and so miserable I didn't know what type of virus or parasite he picked up. I had no idea,' Nichols said.

She immediately took her son to Urgent Care and was told he had some type of parasite from the water. Doctors said they recently treated three other people with similar symptoms.

According to Virginia Beach Environmental Health Manager Clifton Horne, the Health Department has received one report of a similar outbreak and the agency couldn't positively identify the cause of the red bumps.

Horne said although the Department of Health tests recreational waters once a week this time of year, they do not test the Lynnhaven River.

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