DUCK, N.C.-- Efforts to make Highway 12 in the Outer Banks safer is getting new attention from community members following an accident that killed two pedestrians last week in Corolla.

Leaders in Duck said they've been looking at ways to make it safer for walkers and bikers for years.

Drivers on Highway 12 are only a few feet from cyclists and pedestrians, many of them in the area on vacation.

'When you have a lot of people and a lot of vehicles there are conflicts,' said Duck Town Manager Christopher Layton.

According to Layton, those conflicts can hurt or even kill people, which is why he and his staff have been working for years to come up with a plan to build new sidewalks through town.

'We started our study long before the tragedy in Corolla and, definitely, we want to avoid the kinds of conflicts that lead to those kinds of accidents,' said Layton.

Layton is working with VDOT to find the best plan to improve the roadway and says not taking action now could lead to a decrease in visitors and business down the road.

'We don't want it to reach that tipping point. We feel we have a responsibility to address those issues,' Layton said.

A 2009 pedestrian safety audit led to some improvements, including signs and better crosswalks.

It will take a few years before more changes can be made following the current safety study.

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