CHESEAPEAKE BAY--Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel will soon cost more.

The private commission that governs the span between Va. Beach and the Eastern Shorewants to make sure drivers know about toll increases.

Right now, drivers pay $12 to cross during peak hours. New plans have tolls increasing to $15 starting next year. The money will be used to build a new 'Thimble Shoal' tunnel, which will expand the current crossing four lanes through the tube.

A series of public meetings begins tonight. It's at Hampton City Hall from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The next meeting will be August 1 at Northampton High School in Eastville, followed by an August 6 meeting at Shore Financial in Onley. Then August 8 at the Lake Wright Sleep Inn in Norfolk.

People are talking about it on the Facebook page. Frank V. said, 'No reason for another tube.'

Samantha S agreed. 'Why is a new tunnel necessary? I've never ever encountered traffic while traveling on that bridge. It's also in great shape. $12 each way is ridiculous enough.'

Janet T. had a different perspective. 'I've been using the CCBT since 1966 and it has needed a new tunnel for years. Made no sense to build a 2nd span and not enlarge the tunnels. I don't have a problem with an increase in the toll if it'll get better infrastructure. I just don't understand why people have all these 'wants' and don't want to pay for them. I can't think of anything that doesn't have to come out of someone's pocket.'

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