CHESAPEAKE-Fly ash could keep the City of Chesapeake from building some low-income housing.

Fly ash, a by-product of burning coal for electricity, can be a health hazard.

Signs are posted on the three-acre site at Campostella Road and Parkside Drive. Despite the signs, some people, including Keith Hollman, use the open field for walks or as a short cut.

'We've been walking through here. It seems all right to me. Once they start digging, it might be a little different,' he said.

Chesapeake is studying the area to see if it is safe to build on and results should be back in September.

Officials say if it's not okay for homes, it might be able to be used for businesses. Commercial projects have more asphalt, which could reduce exposure to the fly ash.

The fly ash got to the site years ago when a company demolished buildings there in exchange for being allowed to busy the product.

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