CHESAPEAKE -- Police found 37-year-old Latasha M. Kolk dead inside her home at Deep Creek Crossing Apartments, located at 2516 Gilmerton Road near George Washington Highway North.

Officers got calls about gunfire inside the unit at about 3:00 p.m. When they got there, they found Kolk shot.

'This is my first time seeing something like this happen out here,' said Rebecca Williams.

Another neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, told 13News Now, 'There are kids out here 24/7, so it's just horrible.'

Police said Kolk lived in her apartment with a man who neighbors identified as her boyfriend.

Officers interviewed a man they acknowledged is connected to the shooting, but they have not said what his connection is to Kolk.

The department is referring to this simply as a 'death investigation' at this time.

Neighbors said they saw Kolk's boyfriend outside the apartments distraught when police arrived.

'I don't want to, like, travel in and out of my house alone anymore,' said Andrea Eason, 'because you don't know what else is living out here or who else is living out here.'

No arrests have been made; however, Kolk's death is still under investigation and charges may be pending.

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