What is it? a stain and odor eliminator for your carpet

What does it claim? that you can just point and stream and your carpet gets clean thanks to deep cleaning enzyme action, plus you don't have to bend over or scrub to make it work

Who tested it? Gary Wheatley Jr., the facilities coordinator here at ABC 13.

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is shake your can of Stream Clean well. The Stream Clean cans spray upside down only. So once you remove the protective cap be sure to hold the can upside down. Point the opening in the spray tip towards your spot or stain. Depress the tab on the top of the spray tip to spray. Hold the can at arm's length. It's not necessary to bend down to apply Stream Clean. Apply in short bursts until spot or stain is covered. Allow a short period of time for Stream Clean to penetrate the stain. Blot spot with a clean cloth working from the center of the stain out. The stain or spot will be gone in seconds. It's important to note that excessive deposits of grease, oil or ink may require additional applications. Be sure to wait until material is dry before reapplying. You should also make sure you use Stream Clean in a well ventilated area. If you get any of the product on your skin be sure to wash with soap and water. If you accidentally spray it in your eyes immediately flush them thoroughly with water for 15 minutes.

Did it work? Gary thought it did a pretty good job making the many stains on the rug a little less noticeable.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Stream Clean for around $10 at Walmart.

Additional Comments:
-It's recommended that you test our carpet for color fastness prior to using Stream Clean. Do that by spraying a small area of carpet in a hidden or out of the way spot and let it dry.
-You should not use Stream Clean on wool, white or light colored carpet.
-Be sure not to over-saturate your carpet with Stream Clean because it could penetrate the backing and leave spotting.

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