A new Navy destroyer with a futuristic look is getting a captain with an out-of-this-world name.

The new USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) will be commanded by none other than Capt. James Kirk.

That's James A. Kirk, not to be confused with James T. Kirk of 'Star Trek' fame.

Capt. Kirk, who is technically listed as the prospective commanding officer, is a 23-year Navy veteran with multiple assignments at sea and on land, including command of the USS De Weart and Operations Officer for the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group.

The 610-foot USS Zumwalt was launched Monday from a Maine shipyard, although it won't be delivered until late next year and won't be put into service until 2016.

The Navy says it will be the lead ship of the new destroyer class, designed for coastal operations and land attack.

The Navy has incorporated many new technologies into the ship's unique hull, including an all-electric integrated power system and an advanced gun system designed to fire rocket-powered, precision projectiles 63-nautical miles.

The shape of the vessel and the arrangement of its antennas is meant to cut down on its ability to be detected on enemy radar.

It will hold a crew of 130.

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