HAMPTON -- A woman is dead following a house fire Saturday morning.

The Hampton Fire Division got a call about the fire on Galveston Court at 6:23 a.m.

'I grabbed the phone and my robe, and I ran out,' said Hannah Bishop, who dialed 9-1-1 after she and her mother spotted smoke billowing from the home. 'It's awful.'

'She was apparently upstairs in the bedroom,' said Samuel Boue, Jr., referring to the victim with whom he grew up and called Suzie. 'She actually burned through the floor into the living room.'

During their rescue attempt, firefighters had to pull out of the home at one point when part of second floor crashed onto the first.

It was in the rubble that they found the victim's remains.

Neighbors told 13News Now this was the second time fire was responsible for killing someone in the home. In December of 2009, James Greenhagen died in a fire.

Boue explained Greenhagen was the brother of the woman killed Saturday. Like Suzie, Greenhagen was his friend.

'I don't even know how to feel. You know, because it is just so devastating,' shared Boue.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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