The holiday shopping season brought good news to Macy's. The retailer says its sales rose 3.6% compared to last year. But that's not keeping Macy's from announcing a series of cost cutting moves it hopes will help save the company about $100-million a year. Along with closing some stores, Macy's will also be letting go of about 2,500 workers. The company will be hiring some new workers as well to help support the retailer's fast growing online operation.

Delta is going to spend $770-million to install new seats with power outlets as well as make bigger bathrooms and overhead bins. The redesign of about 225 planes will take place through 2016. The number of economy seats, depending on the plane, will increaseby six to sixteen.

It's a big milestone for Apple's App Store, and you may have helped the company reach it. Apple is boasting its 'best year ever' in terms of app sales and downloads. Almost three billion apps were downloaded in December alone.

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