UPDATE 1/14: The tornado that hit Hampton Saturday caused an estimated $360,000 in damage, with one city-owned building and three single-family homes taking the biggest hits, officials said Tuesday.

Hampton's Emergency Management Office said three single-family homes on Fox Wood Lane, Todds Lane and Cabell Lane - were damaged at an estimated cost of $13,280, $4,462 and $21,300

Hardest hit Saturday was a city-owned building at 100 Grundland Road. Officials estimate structural damage cost $304,665.

The damage to a second city-owned building on Windmill Point Road was cost $9,300, and a city-owned radio tower in Grandview lost equipment and had other damage expected to cost $7,000-$10,000.

The emergency management office said that while tornadoes in January are rare, Saturday's damage reminds us that no matter the season we should be prepared for the possibility of a disaster.

HAMPTON -- The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-0 tornado touched down Saturday in Fox Hill. NWS also said that 2 EF-0 tornadoes touched down in different locations in Isle of Wight County.

An EF-0 is the weakest measurable level of tornado strength.

On Sunday, people across Hampton Roads were out assessing damage from the powerful line of storms that rolled through the area.

Sheila Cook was at the home on Todds Lane she rented to a mother with 5 children. A massive tree fell on the house, leading the City of Hampton to condemn it.

'We got the warning on our cell phone, and we were at church when it happened, and then ten minutes after the warning, I got the phone call, and so I came straight over,' said Cook.

The mother and 3 of her children were not home when the tree came crashing down.

'I believe she was at work when it happened,' explained Cook. 'Her mother was here babysitting, but there were only two children here at the time when the tree fell.'

No one was hurt, and The American Red Cross found the family a place to stay.

'This can be replaced, and no one got hurt,' noted Cook. 'The tenant and her family are okay, and we will rebuild.'

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