NORFOLK -- FBI Director James Comey visited the Norfolk field office Wednesday.

Comey, who is the nation's seventh director after being sworn in last September, is no stranger to Virginia. He attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg and served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia in the Richmond division in 1996.

Flanked by local and state law enforcement officers, a six foot-eight Comey talked about his biggest priority as director - counter-terrorism.

Comey says he has two worries; Al-Qaida affiliates that have popped up in Africa with members determined to get into the U-S and harm citizens and home grown extremists who are inspired by Al-Qaida.

Comey says sequestration has gotten in the way of the FBI doing the best job it can fighting terrorism and other crimes.

'It forced me to close Quantico, so that no new agents have been trained over the last couple of years and a bunch of other things.The impact on a place like the Norfolk division is, when there's a vacancy they can't replace that person,' Comey said.

The FBI director is hopeful the new budget will provide some much-needed, belt-tightening relief.

Comey says much of the crime they need to fight starts with the internet.

'We're trying to address the cyber threat across nearly everything that we do. Cyber is the way that bad people come at us. It's the way that terrorists come at us. It's the way the spies come at us. It's the way that child exploiters come at us. It's the way that thieves come at us because all of us in this country have connected our lives to the internet,' Comey said.

Comey made the Richmond field office his first visit three days after being sworn in. This was his first visit as Director to Hampton Roads.

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