NORFOLK -- First, it was the appearance of those dreaded potholes. Now, comes the dreaded news of vehicle damage and there has been plenty of it.

Justin Demember was exiting Granby Street from I-64 and hit a pot hole that damaged both tires on the passenger side of his car and threw his alignment out of sync. It cost $1,500 and Justin told us that hurts when you are a junior sailor in the Navy.

Tow trucks from Art Walker Auto Shop in Virginia Beach have been busy picking up the damaged cars. But Art's tow trucks are getting beat up too. He said he is doing work on all his trucks -- especially on bearings, alignment and tire rims.

Chelsea Putnick is a local vendor in Norfolk. She has to drive every day for her job. While in her truck, she hit a pothole and it immediately blew out her tire and damaged the rim at the same time.

'I was not a happy camper,' said Putnick.

VDOT said they haven't begun their convoy of trucks to start the major repairs on I-264. They have made emergency repairs.

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