NEWPORT NEWS -- 'It was devastating. It was the most horrific thing I have ever had to do, to watch someone disappear right before your eyes,' said Rona Altschuler who lost her mother, Joyce, to Alzheimer's Disease. 'There's no hope and no cure right now.'

That's something Altschuler actively is working to change.

She will ride from San Diego to Florida to raise awareness about the disease that took her mother.

60-year-old Altschuler has run more than 30 marathons, but she never has cycled.

Dave Wilson at BikeBeat has biked coast to coast 5 times. He is helping Altschuler and helping her realize her dream.

'Whether it's weather, whether it's mountains, whether it's wind, whether it's cactus thorns, there are all kinds of little things out there that can get in your way,' Wilson explained.

'This bike ride and being able to get that word out and maybe help somebody not be afraid to talk about it gives it a lot more meaning than me being able to pedal across the country,' Altschuler explained.

Altschuler, who is the chairwoman of the Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease in Newport News, has a Facebook blog to help chronicle the journey. She hopes to visit Alzheimer's Association Chapters during the 58-day trip.

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