General Motors is issuing an apology and expanding its recall. The Detroit automaker acknowledges that an ignition switch problem has led to at least 31 crashes and 13 front-seat fatalities. GM says the flawed ignition switches can cause the car to turn off while it's being driven. It also shuts everything off, including the anti-lock brakes and air bags. GM is now expanding its recall to include 1.4 million vehicles. Click the link in this story to find out if your vehicle is a part of the recall.

Your bowl of cereal may soon cost you more. Oat prices are near a five-year high. That means consumers could start seeing higher prices on cookies, granola bars and, yes, cereal, too.

Jason Collins may only be on a ten-day contract with the Nets, but it seems his number 98 jersey is in big demand. It just went on sale. On Tuesday, it was the top-selling jersey on

Are you worried about the way you brush your teeth? Then this may be for you. Oral-b just unveiled the world's first 'smart' toothbrush. It sends an alert to your smartphone if you brush to hard and it also keeps track on exactly how long you are brushing.

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