VIRGINIA BEACH -- Drivers are being urged to stay off the roads after Monday's ice, sleet and snow storm and freezing temperatures overnight. The layer of snow hides slick patches that can send drivers into a spin.

Why is it called black ice? The road looks like it's wet, the black pavement shows through and you can't tell it's frozen.

On the WVEC13 Facebook page, people were talking about the conditions and whether or not they would venture out.

Ferdinand Hughes wrote, 'On Shore Drive just past First Landing State Park, I almost crashed. I did a spinout and gained control of my car, but I was still in a sliding motion as I was steering my car while I slid and ended up facing traffic. I was only going 20 MPH.'

Jenna Leigh McCartney summed up the way a lot of people were feeling. 'I have to drive from Newport News to the naval hospital.... Not looking forward to it.'

Darci Huddleston added, 'Main roads in Williamsburg are ok. Side roads are skating rinks. I'm already stuck in it because I had to come to work. There should be laws on the books preventing places from firing you if you can't come in when the conditions are this bad.'

Police across the region responded to hundreds of accidents Monday as the snow and ice fell as people were leaving work.

Public Works crews across Hampton Roads and the Virginia Department of Transportation worked overnight to treat and plow roads to make them passable. Early Tuesday, VDOT said Interstates and secondary roads are minor to moderately okay and warned bridges, overpasses and ramps could be icy.

In Virginia Beach, authorities said there were no trouble spots reported. Public Works crews were on 12-hour shifts to treat and clear main roads.

That's similar to what road crews in other cities and counties have been doing. In Hampton, trucks at the Public Works Department on Back River Road were loaded with a salt and brine so crews could continue to treat the main roads ahead of the morning commute. Supervisor Jimmie Sparkmon says they've used 200 tons of salt since 6 p.m. Monday.

'Most events for the past couple of years we've been able to handle with a skeleton crew,' said Sparkmon. 'This year, we've had a full blown snow event with all personnel available.'

Overnight temperatures in the ABC13 viewing area were below freezing, but there's a bit of a warm-up coming, which should help the road conditions. Tuesday's high temperature will be in the lower to mid-30s and Wednesday will be warmer with temps in the low 40s, says 13News Now Meteorologist Craig Moeller.

Schools, city offices and businesses were either closed or opening late Tuesday. Click here for the latest information on closings and delays.

9 a.m.: Portsmouth: The Department of Public Works has plowed and treated over 75% of the primary roads and bridges; expects to complete all of them by late morning and transition to secondary roads later today.

7:40 a.m.: Norfolk: Trash and recycling collection will take place this morning - just a bit later than usual.
Roads are still slick this morning in spots however the sun is beginning to melt some areas.
Crews will be out today plowing slushy spots on bridges/overpasses and continuing salt/sand mix treatments.
20 plows/spreaders are on the road. Crews from other departments and the Sheriff's Office are helping to clear sidewalks, parking lots to city facilities.

7:40 a.m.: Chesapeake: For the most part, Emergency routes are clear and pavement is visible. Route 17 was treated with 4 passes of salt/sand and is mostly clear in both directions. The Chesapeake Expressway has had 5 passes and is also mostly clear. BUT -- All roads are subject to being icy, even if they look clear, so drive with caution.
Most Primary and some Secondary routes have been treated with salt/sand in 2 or more passes. Examples include: South Battlefield Blvd., Johnstown Road, Etheridge Manor Blvd., Hanbury Road, Benefit Road, Cornland Road, Taylor Road, Moses Grandy Trail, among others.
Roads around the Municipal Center have also been treated and plowed, to allow for the reopening of offices at 10:00 a.m.
750 tons of salt/sand mixture had been used by 5:00 a.m. today - with another 100 tons used by 6:30 a.m.
18 trucks are currently on the road. During the night, the City Garage was able to perform repairs on several trucks and return them to service promptly.

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