VIRGINIA BEACH -- A section of Pleasure House Road was shut down for several hours Thursday night as crews worked to repair a water main break.

The incident was reported on Pleasure House Road between First Court Road and Andrew Jackson Drive around 6:30 p.m., according to Patrick Kane with the Virginia Beach Police Department.

That's when police noticed water bubbling from underneath the ground and immediately shut down the road.

City workers say the water was coming from a broken water line. Businesses nearby were also affected.

Henry Braithwaite had to come up with a different way to pick up his wife who was waiting on him at the Dupre's Salon and Day Spa.

'I just couldn't get here, not the normal route had to take a round-about way,' Braithwaite said.

Business was still brisk at the Lubo Wine Bar Bistro despite customers having to park their cars a short distance away from the restaurant.

'We already had parties coming and people just parking down the street walking up to get our food you know. Hopefully they won't shut off the water to the building I don't think they will, but we'll see,' said Lubo General Manager Robert Wallace. 'We'll just keep plugging along, whatever happens, happens.'

City workers say an old abandoned water line still had water in it and the cold air snapped the pipe.

Crews worked quickly to patch the pipe and reopened the road just before 10 p.m. Thursday.

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