A newly-released U.S. Senate committee report is not good news for Target. It says Target Corporation missed multiple opportunities to stop the hackers responsible for the unprecedented holiday shopping data breach.

Facebook just made a big purchase. It acquired virtual reality start up company Oculus for $2 billion in cash and stocks. Many people are saying that the Oculus rift headset is impressive. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg must think so, too. Could this purchase be the chance to create the most social platform ever and possibly change the way we work, play and communicate? Zuckerberg plans to extend Oculus to new fields including entertainment, communication and education.

Get set to pay more for limes. Political issues in Mexico, along with crop damage, are triggering a dramatic rise in the price of limes. A case of lime use to cost around $14. Now it's going for as much $100 a case. Some restaurants and bars are opting to absorb the cost to keep margaritas and other cocktails on the menu, but it seems supermarkets are passing the extra cost on to customers.

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