General Motors is struggling to provide loaner cars afterthe recall of more than 1.6 million vehicles for faulty ignition switches. This comes after GM CEO Mary Barra told dealers to give every owner of a recalled model a free loaner car. The owner doesn't even have to prove their switches are faulty. GM is picking up the cost of loaner.

Facebook says it now has more than one billion users who access the social network through mobile devices. The company's mobile transition seems to have gone well. It's services now account for 20 percent of the time people spend with mobile apps.

Twitter is trying to make its service more attractive to casual users. It's now added the ability forusers to post multiple pictures at once as well as tag friends in their photos.

Baseball is big money. For the seventeenth straight year, the NY Yankees are considered the most valuable baseball team, worth $2.5 billion. The LA Dodgers are second, worth $2 billion and the Boston Redsox are third, worth $1.5 billion.

So would you be willing to pay $12 for a burger at McDonald's? Well you now can - if you head to Switzerland. That's where the fast food giant just rolled out The Prime. It's a 6.3 ounce Swiss beef patty. So far there are no plans to bring that expensive burger to the US.

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